The Secret Strategy to Performing at Your Peak

Achieving Results

7th December 2021

Can you recall a ‘Peak Moment’ when you or your team performed at your best? In this interview our Execution Practice Lead Ray McGrath sits down with Change Agent Gary Gamp for a revelation-filled episode of his must-listen business podcast The Company Doctor, to challenge your thinking on what it takes to perform with excellence amidst adversity.

With a characteristic candour and engaging authenticity, Ray offers his expert insight into how you can combat your natural tendency to retreat form the strategic when times become (unprecedently) difficult. Listen to the half-hour episode below for how to:

  • Reset your mindset and find drive amidst adversity
  • Adopt a new approach to staying accountable
  • Pick your business’ key focus for success

If you’re then after more on how leaders and organisations can boost commitment to strategic goals, join Ray in our upcoming free webinar on The 4 Disciplines of Execution. Learn more here.