Deliver Results That Matter

This event will be most valuable for: C-Suite Executives, Senior Leaders and direct Managers of teams

You will learn: How the The 4 Disciplines of Execution provides the focus, leverage, engagement and accountability leaders need to achieve a critical goal that is at risk of not happening.

Do your goals feel like immovable boulders? Inspiring ideas but almost impossible to make progress on? The most effective leaders know that process, not people, is usually the problem. As we enter a more disparate, personal world of hybrid work, leaders at all levels need to be even more intentional about how they translate their grand strategy into what teams do, and care about, every day. This is easier said than done when you likely have more competing priorities than ever before, but above all we must remember that knowing, seeing and owning how our actions matter, matters.

Join us as we explore what it takes on an individual, team and organisational level to avoid activity overload and gain sustainable high performance.  With reference to an eye-opening case study, we will discuss:

  • How to narrow your focus and effectively define your top priority
  • Reducing the variability in human performance
  • What leaders need to empower commitment, not just compliance
  • The leverage that enables you to know at all times how your goal is progressing