Team Trust: The Only Way To Work

“Trust is the most overlooked, misunderstood, underutilized asset an organisation can access”- Stephen M.R Covey

This event is for: Leaders, Managers and Senior Professionals in L&D, HR, OD or a similar field.

We will share: How the principles, behaviours and language of Stephen M.R Covey’s best-selling book The Speed of Trust enables credible leaders to be intentional about creating a culture of trust that engages, retains and grows employees in a more disparate, personal world of work.

Trust as an enabler at work is, at the very least, common sense- yet today it is still not common practice. Aggravated by distance and masked by a misunderstanding of what both motivates and matters to people one year into a pandemic, growing distrust threatens to undercut the good work your teams do every day. As we enter a new era which is still very much up in the air, join us live-online discover what it takes to transform culture into one that empowers individuals to adapt faster, feel psychologically safer and perform better, covering:

  • The anatomy of a winning culture
  • The high cost of low trust on both morale and the bottom line
  • How to model, restore and extend trust
  • The behaviours that build and break credibility