Trust Changes Everything

Tried of important projects taking too long, costing too much or causing conflict? One thing consistently separates the top performing teams and organisations.

More than just a buzzword, trust is the tangible, hidden variable that makes or breaks collaboration, innovation and execution. Most leaders intuitively know this, but not many know how to actively cultivate it. So for great swathes of the population work stays something less joyful and more stressful than it should be and everything- from relationships and retention to results and revenue- suffers.

How do you make the change and secure the no.1 elusive competitive edge in 2024?

Join us as we unpack the research behind the globally recognised (and newly updated) The Speed of Trust to demystify how you can practically and sustainably become a high-trust organisation that moves further, faster, together.

This event is complimentary and seats are limited! Registration for London is now closed, but you can click below to join us in:

Gloucestershire, 15th March Milton Keynes, 22nd March Manchester, 3rd May

High-trust organisations have 3.6x more revenue than those with the lowest levels of trust. Why?

This event will highlight:

  • The common barriers to workplace trust we’re seeing today.
  • Trust as an observable performance multiplier, not just a social virtue.
  • Why employees who trust their leaders are 260% more motivated to work, and how leaders can develop this kind of trust.
  • How to take trust from a feeling to something learnable, measurable, and scalable.

What can you expect?

Networking with breakfast refreshments from 9.30am, followed by a morning exploring time-proven behavioural change and leadership development strategies. Exchange experiences with fellow leaders in breakout sessions and engage directly with FranklinCovey experts.

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