Breakthrough Results in a Burned-Out World

03rd November 2021
09:30 - 11:00

This event will be most valuable for: C-Suite Executives, Senior Leaders and direct Managers of teams

You will learn: How The 4 Disciplines of Execution provides the focus, leverage, engagement and accountability you as a leader need to drive the behaviour change that will achieve your most critical, at-risk results.

Daily busyness is the enemy of execution- and it wins again and again. Even over genius strategies and inspiring ideas. This human tendency towards urgency was a saving grace for organisations during the pandemic, yet today, that same tendency is working against leaders everywhere.

As we  try to settle into a new world of work, less urgent but very important goals can return to feeling like immovable boulders, with leaders afraid to push too hard and teams struggling to drag themselves away from the “whirlwind” of must-do daily priorities rather than the momentum of innovation. Stand-out organisations will be those who translate the wider strategy into what their people do- and care about- every day…but how do you do that without detracting from essential activities or railroading a restless workforce?

Join us as we explore the four disciplines- field-tested by over 5,000 implementations worldwide- that enable leaders of both organisations and teams to avoid activity overload and gain sustainable high performance, covering:

  • How to narrow your focus
  • Reducing the variability in human performance
  • What leaders need to empower commitment, not just compliance
  • The leverage that enables you to know at all times how your goal is progressing
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Your host: Ray McGrath, Regional Execution Practice Lead
Ray has over 25 years as an implementer of business strategy and has maintained a lifelong commitment to learning, teaching, and inspiring throughout. Read more...

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