Bring People Towards What's Possible

01st December 2021
09:30 - 11:00

This event is for: Senior Leaders, Directors, VPs and Business Partners in HR, L&D, OD and other similar fields.

In a world that’s redefined what’s possible, people’s mental ‘surge capacity’ in the face of crisis has been replaced by a well of discretionary effort that they’re more likely than ever to withhold if their needs aren’t met. Understanding this, what does it take to be a leader who empowers people to grow, experiment and choose to give their best?

The fact is we’re more inclined to stretch ourselves, be more courageous, embrace ownership and show loyalty if we feel we’re given permission to be unique. This might be an uncomfortable reality to face for some leaders, especially on the front line where the pain points of shifting employee priorities are being played out, making it easier to slip into old controlling habits.

Join our Leadership Practice Lead Tim Threipland live-online to explore how to avoid this in your organisation, and instead develop leaders who make it safe for people to emotionally (re)invest, gaining insight into:

  • The importance and difference of extending ‘smart’ trust
  • How to foster self-confidence in your workforce by empowering unique potential
  • Aligning what excites individuals with what the business needs
Host image
Your host: Tim Threipland, Leadership Practice Director
Tim is an internationally recognised leadership expert, coach and speaker. With a fundamental belief that people are inherently capable of doing great things, he thrives on the challenge of enabling Read more...

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