Connecting Valued People to Meaningful Work

07th October 2021
09:30 - 11:00

This event is for: Leaders, Managers,  Senior Professionals in L&D, HR, OD or a similar field.

We will share: What it takes to not only reconnect with, but retain, the post pandemic worker by fulfilling two essential roles that are predictive of success: creating vision and coaching potential.

The role and execution of leadership is under more scrutiny by employees than ever before.  With much of how success was measured in the past being questioned, emboldened workers are expecting the conditions that most empower them- from flexibility and trust to growth and recognition- to be met with more intentionality in the future.

So,  how do leaders differentiate themselves consistently, when so much is still changing so quickly? Join our webinar to explore The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, a time-proven framework for enabling the skills and behaviours of modern leaders who succeed- as a mentor, motivator, and strategist- in choosing to lead individuals, not just teams. We will cover:

  • The field-tested criteria of an engaged culture- applied to the new world of work
  • Seeking and nurturing the unique potential and progression opportunities of your people
  • Connecting the ‘why’ of individual contribution to the wider mission, vision, and strategy


Host image
Your host: Peter Nolan, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
With 25 years’ experience as a business leader, mentor, coach, consultant and presenter, Peter brings incredible expertise and infectious energy to every client interaction and keynote. Read more...

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