Prioritising a Future-Ready Learning Culture

22nd September 2021
09:30 - 11:00

This event is for: Senior Leaders, Directors, VPs and Business Partners in HR, L&D, OD and other similar fields.

We will share: The impact and practicalities of meaningfully blending learning into the flow of everyday hybrid work in a way that is habitual, scalable and empowering of the whole person.

With employers everywhere still facing accelerated change and now imminent retention challenges, the workforce of tomorrow remains somewhat of a question mark. What we do know however is that The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report has revealed human capabilities- such as self-management and critical thinking- will dominate the “top 15 skills for 2025”.  The most competitive companies then will be the ones who not only prioritise individual development, but are able to translate it into organisational growth.

But training isn’t effective by default, and today the stakes are high when traditional approaches no longer apply. Informed by four decades experience driving sustainable behaviour change, this session explores how to create a learning culture that pays dividends in relevance, independence and results.  Join us as we cover:

  • How the engaged modern employee learns- and makes it stick
  • Aligning learning strategies with both individual needs and business objectives
  • The role of dedicated leadership in creating a culture of curiosity
Host image
Your host: Tim Threipland, Leadership Practice Director
Tim is an internationally recognised leadership expert, coach and speaker. With a fundamental belief that people are inherently capable of doing great things, he thrives on the challenge of enabling Read more...

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