Virtual Keynotes

Bringing experienced thought leaders to your screen in bite-sized keynotes, offering timely guidance on your most pressing issues around individual effectiveness, leadership excellence, work/life balance and high performance.

Our Virtual Keynote series’ are designed to be perspective-expanding for individual contributors, leaders and decision-makers alike. Each series takes relevant business news and top challenges of the moment, and break them down across multiple weeks into manageable, engaging half-hour webinars. Created to provide you with a window into FranklinCovey’s thinking grown from 30 years of thought leadership, the keynotes inspire mindsets and facilitate skillsets to help you keep moving whatever your obstacle or objective.

Performance Excellence is an Everyone Thing

There is nothing more affirming or motivating for teams than the feeling that they are winning at something. This isn’t possible when defeating comparison, the loudest voice and judgement are enabled to reign. To be successful today we need to stop defaulting to strongly-held opinions and hero complexes at the expense of evidence, confidence, and[…]

Growing Together with Curiosity, Courage and Consideration

Typically, most people want to do a good job, and the right thing, most of the time. That hasn’t changed…but a lot else has. What has surprised you over the past few months? Has it been a reluctance to return to the office or the sigh of relief felt at the social interaction? Perhaps the[…]

Leading Your Stretched Team to Achieve More

“Everyone is just so busy”. This familiar chorus, heard throughout organisations everywhere, is only getting louder as we face the excitement and apprehension of a revolutionised world of work. It’s been a tough, long haul. Now, in the face of re-organisation and recovery, how do you find the right balance between pushing your people too[…]

Taking Stock One Year On

Our personal and professional selves have become so intertwined, that the way many of us think about and carry out our roles has altered beyond simple practicalities. Are you still engaged as we wait for whatever comes next? Has distance made you dismissive of others? What have we gained that we don’t want to lose?[…]

Figuring Out Moving Forward

Staying Proactive, Effective and Connected in 2021. At FranklinCovey we’re asking how do you, as a team member or leader, create that intentionality in mindset, collaboration and activity, to keep pushing ahead? With workforces now equipped with expanded toolkits, first it is important to recognise that whilst the varied and challenging demands on our lives[…]

Leading Ourselves Out of Lockdown

As we slowly move into the limbo of ‘nearly’ normal, featuring distanced offices, redefined hours, and remote working for the foreseeable future, we’re here to help you be the best you can be whatever your location, obstacle or objective. Each keynote shares timeless principles and proven practices from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to[…]

Navigating the Hallways of Change

Whether you’re dealing with new childcare routines, a redefined role, additional responsibility or personal uncertainty, it is likely one of the three states resonates: Stalling (you know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there), Stuck (you’re too preoccupied with confusion and frustration to take stock and proactively move forward) or Sand  (you have put a[…]