Leading Your Stretched Team to Achieve More

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“Everyone is just so busy”. This familiar chorus, heard throughout organisations everywhere, is only getting louder as we face the excitement and apprehension of a revolutionised world of work. It’s been a tough, long haul. Now, in the face of re-organisation and recovery, how do you find the right balance between pushing your people too much, and not enough?

People now more than ever want to feel the satisfaction of a specific, seen and valuable contribution- but they will also struggle to drag themselves away from the comfort of the day-to-day amidst all this change. Resistance to newness is normal at the best of times, so enabling your most important priorities to keep moving forward requires intentionality around defining high performance, and then empowering that communal human motivation needed to execute it.

Across three sessions we share actionable strategies and ready-now advice for leaders looking to do just that. Download now to watch:

  1. How to know when, and in which direction, to push
  2. How to do the what and let the team define the how
  3.  How to make accountability fun- really!

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