Navigating the Hallway of Change

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Whether you’re dealing with new childcare routines, a redefined role, additional responsibility or personal uncertainty, it is likely one of the three states resonates: Stalling (you know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there), Stuck (you’re too preoccupied with confusion and frustration to take stock and proactively move forward) or Sand  (you have put a lot of energy into keeping your head down and waiting for things to go back to normal).

These reactions are completely natural, but not sustainable. This series offers relevant, time-proven strategies to help you lean into your state of flux, restore your sense of purpose and carve a new path when you don’t have all the answers. Download now for access to four bite-sized sessions:

  1. How to move from the old to the new
  2. How to face challenges, not fix problems
  3. How to focus on momentum, not perfection
  4. How to lead through change

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