Performance Excellence is an Everyone Thing

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There is nothing more affirming or motivating for teams than the feeling that they are winning at something. This isn’t possible when defeating comparison, the loudest voice and judgement are enabled to reign. To be successful today we need to stop defaulting to strongly-held opinions and hero complexes at the expense of evidence, confidence, and individual growth.

Ultimately, we need to dispel the myth that excellence is reserved for our ‘star performers’. We need to help all people believe in their own unique brilliance.

Across three bite-sized sessions, our Strategy Execution Practice Lead Ray McGrath offers actionable strategies and ready-now advice ready-now advice for aligning what each person needs to excel, with the operational imperative to drive goals forward. These sessions are: 

  • How to Outperform Imposter Syndrome
  • How to Base Decisions in Evidence, Not Opinion
  • How to Make Accountability About Brilliance

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