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You may have heard of FranklinCovey or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but if not then for the past 40 years we have worked with and studied a number of organisations with a particular focus on their high performers. This has included looking at what they do differently on a day-to-day basis, how they approach challenges and opportunities, and how this ultimately sets them apart from others in the business. 

Now we're offering main providers impactful, scalable, affordable support in the form of time-proven content and award-winning resources to supplement any Standard and facilitate live-online, in-person or self-directed learning. Here are a few words on behalf of the FranklinCovey Apprenticeship team...

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An unprecedented year has brought unique pressure for providers, but apprenticeships  are set to be integral to both the revitalisation of British sectors, and the talent at the heart of them- and we're excited to play our part in supporting them.

In this more demanding world of work, engaging aspirational apprentices and growth-focused employers requires a demonstrable commitment to personal development that is deliverable, sustainable and indicative of the possibilities apprenticeships create. 

We are not a main provider, nor do we have an interest in being one, that is your area of expertise. What we have is decades of thought leadership in success which require a lasting change in human behaviour,  and we want to enable  you to leverage it. We're a partner who can offer providers bespoke support tailored to their business development and content needs, and help them build on the incredible work they're already doing.

Phiroze Bilimoria, European Head of Partnerships

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Depending on your needs, here are just some of the challenges we help to address:

  • Reinvigorating the reputation of apprenticeships
  • The shift from tick box training to embedded learning
  • Maintaining speed and quality of diverse delivery through agile virtual platforms and intuitive just-in-time microlearning
  • Behaviour as the difference-maker for sustainable growth and success
  • Increased emphasis on apprentice welfare
  • Improving apprentice retention with reliable support and relevant content
  • Alignment with OFSTED’s Education Inspection Framework
  • The need for impactful ‘Top Up’ content for tutors and mentors

“Our powerful partnership with FranklinCovey allows us to use and embed their world-class content into our apprenticeship programmes, creating an exceptional experience for our clients and their learners.”

Jane Henaughan, Commercial Director – Learnmore


Empower Apprentices to Access Their Full Potential with the FranklinCovey All Access Pass®

One price gives your learners unlimited access to all of our world-class content, tools and videos. Download an overview of:

  • Our virtual capability
  • Certifying your facilitators to teach FranklinCovey content
  • Example content integrations across 9 standards
  • Alignment to OFSTED requirements
  • Our content matched to competency frameworks
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The greater the change, the more difficult the challenges, the more relevant The 7 Habits become. Why? Because they're based on principles of effectiveness that endure."

Stephen R. Covey

Inspire Learners

At the core of what we do is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Authored by our co-founder Dr. Stephen Covey, they teach that everyone has the power to choose, respond and change. We’ve found that showing people the latent effectiveness lying at their finger tips inspires them to want to master themselves and how they show up. The 7 Habits has stood out for over 3 decades because it deals in timeless, universal characteristics of fairness, integrity and honesty.

Today we have a library of over 30 principle-based solutions designed to develop, equip and motivate individuals. Download an overview of the full breadth and depth of our content at a glance.


Strengthen Behaviour in Technical Standards

At FranklinCovey we are not main Apprenticeship providers, nor do we have content that maps to all vocational standards, we know that is your expertise.


However, we do understand that too much focus on the completion of qualification units can forego the development of an apprentice’s wider workplace skills.

We can help you balance the behavioural development in your current technical Apprenticeships, to ensure your learners are equipped to implement their knowledge under pressure, in partnership with others and take full ownership of it.

Discover how our content aligns to the behavioural requirements of a Level 3 Building Services and Maintenance Engineer.



Build Life-Ready Leaders

According to our research, 60% First-Level Leaders feel overwhelmed at least once a month. Regardless of sector or apprenticeship standard, roles that must succeed through others require a shift in mindset & skillset that can pose a steep learning curve for apprentices as they move from individual contributor, to supportive and decisive leader.

Equipped with principle-based solutions that have named us a Top 20 Leadership Training Company for 9 years running, and over 30 years spent researching the behaviour of high performers, we’re helping providers future-proof their provision with bespoke content supplement.

At the core of our content is the understanding that the power to choose, change and respond is a learnable skill everyone is capable of…

Take a look at our First-Level Leader resources below and consider how our thinking might resonate with your apprentices


Make the Mental Leap to Leader: A Six-Step Guide for First-…

01. Make The Mental Leap to Leader: A Six-Step Guide 

Read our complimentary whitepaper 

The Most Common Challenges First-Level Leaders Face Today

02. The Most Common Challenges First-Level Leaders Face Today

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Discover how FranklinCovey content aligns to a Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Standard. 


Align with OFSTED

According to The Centre for Social Justice August 2020 report, the percentage of providers that were rated “good” or “outstanding” has fallen each year since 2015/16.

The introduction of more holistic Standards placed new demands on providers to assess apprentice behaviour as an indicator of real-life preparedness, yet if, as Ofsted has found, there remains “too much focus on the completion of qualification units, with insufficient focus on developing apprentices’ workplace or wider skills” providers will struggle to earn a top-tier rating.

High performance requires more than sound knowledge, it needs effective mindset shifts and aligned values..but how are you currently demonstrating ‘Outstanding’ commitment to that personal development?


In making the judgements about a provider’s overall effectiveness, inspectors will make graded judgements on the following areas using the four-point scale:




At FranklinCovey we are uniquely positioned to support providers in addressing the Personal Development Requirements of OFSTED, under both the Education Inspection Framework the Further Education and Skills Inspection Handbook.

There is significant alignment between the OFSTED requirements and three FranklinCovey programmes, but most particularly with The 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People™.


The requirements highlight a particular focus on character, resilience and positive contribution, all key elements of the 7 Habits framework:

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