Connecting People, Purpose and Performance

It is not unusual to hear people wanting to find a place of work where they feel they can contribute to something bigger than the 9-5, connected to their own unique sense of purpose. So what do you do to connect your people to your business and unlock their potential?

Companies continue to look at new and different ways to attract new talent, engage their employees and become relevant to changing customers’ needs and expectations. A conventional approach often taken to differentiate from competitors is to add more incentives, perks and benefits, to motivate and inspire their people – but today this doesn’t seem enough. This is where we have seen focusing an organisation on their purpose, which is more than a mission or vision statement, it is something that truly engages employees, inspires confidence and transforms an organisations performance.

Download this webcast to explore proven frameworks for creating the why behind the what, maintaining alignment and delivering results that make a difference- to both your employees and your customers.

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