Create a Culture of Extraordinary

“Anything less than conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant”- Stephen R. Covey

Did you and your organisation start the New Year hoping to be bolder? How long was it before you became too bogged down in the day job to drive the extraordinary collaboration, experimentation, and growth you’re after? In today’s overwhelming world, it is easy for teams and leaders get stuck in ‘at the expense of’ mode. Whether that is the urgent at the expense of the important, or perfection at the expense of excitement.

The reality is there will never be enough hours in the day, but that’s okay. Our experience has shown that the main barrier to productivity, capability and engagement isn’t time, but whether or not people are empowered to make courageous choices. We know that time is tight and teams are busy. Expectations are high and energy is low. These are real and relentless sources of pressure, but is your culture contributing to the pinch?

Download this webcast to join Tim Threipland, our Leadership Practice Lead, as he draws on several of our most prominent solutions to explore what it takes to achieve extraordinary things when time is scarce, covering:

  • What it means to unleash an ‘extraordinary mindset’
  • Making it safe to make choices that give the best return on both time and emotional investment
  • The importance of meaningful work and diverse perspectives to momentum
  • Reframing the scarcity of time as a positive

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