Building a Winning Culture: Lead with Purpose

Drawing on The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, this whitepaper guides leaders on why mission statements are important and what defines quality mission statement. Download now for: Finding the voice of your organisation Designing an engaging sense of purpose Aligning with the mission Actionable steps to take[…]

Reduce Fear and Anxiety

Fear is a natural human emotion. And it’s something we are trained to suppress or ignore. But when leaders learn to accept and manage fear and anxiety, they—and their team members—can actually continue to function at the high levels required to reach their goals. In this white paper from Jennifer Colosimo, senior vice president at[…]

Executing in Uncertainty and Complexity

Discover how to clarify your goals and take the complexity out of achieving them. In this whitepaper bestselling author and strategy execution expert Chris McChesney outlines how The 4 Disciplines of Execution® can help leaders drive results, even during uncertain and ambiguous times. This will cover: How to focus individuals, teams and leaders on what[…]

Move with the Speed of Trust

The advice for most crises is to communicate, communicate, communicate. But how you do what you do makes all the difference. If you stand up and communicate without being credible or having trust, you’re going to dig a deeper hole. Trust is an accelerator, especially during crises. In this white paper, Stephen M. R. Covey[…]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Leaders

Sales is tough and in an uncertain economic landscape the pressure on delivering results only increases. There are many sales books, hints and tips on the market you could read, but I invite you to download this whitepaper and discover how a completely different approach to selling can significantly increase the sales performance of your[…]