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FranklinCovey is not a competitor in the Apprenticeship Space, but an enabler. We help providers broaden and strengthen their offering with our principle-based content, customisable into almost any standard that requires behaviour change.

As a world leader in leadership development and individual effectiveness, for over three decades we’ve been helping organisations achieve results that require a sustainable change in human behaviour. Developing, empowering and maintaining new behaviours is often the most difficult challenge leaders face; they are also, above knowledge and technical skills, the most obscure to inspire, measure and assess in apprentices.

With human capabilities a sharper focus than ever before-  self-management skills emerged in 2020 as among the top 10 skills touted as indispensable to future employers- we are helping Apprenticeship Providers stay ahead of the curve by integrating content for developing the personal and professional skills that make all other learnings usable.


FranklinCovey delivers on a legacy that began  30 years ago with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People– named #1 Most Influential Business Book of the 20th Century- and does so with over 15,000 client engagements annually.


Our content subscription model makes all our world-class resources, tools and videos both accessible and tailorable. We have chosen this to allow our clients and partners the opportunity to truly deconstruct what’s available and create better aligned learning journeys. 


Our industry-leading virtual learning capability, plus the option to train as many of your own facilitators as you need in our content, further empowers you to sustainably expand your scope.

How does a partnership with FranklinCovey empower you to prioritise both business growth and outstanding learner experience?

01. An extensive client network

Enjoy easier access to business expansion opportunities with introductions through our extensive client network, and by leveraging out global, world-class brand.

02. Next-level technology

With an industry-leading live-online experience honed across a decade worth of delivery, award-winning videos and a breadth of on-demand courses that reinforce learning, FranklinCovey is positioned to unleash the potential of both apprentices and your own facilitators.

Now that we are able to come together again, learners and employers are keen for some overdue connection and face-to-face time. However, virtual learning is no longer the lesser alternative it once was- especially when done right.

Humanize the Screen


03. Lead out with stand-out employer/provider relationships

As the invaluable link between employer, provider, and learner, everybody wins by making the Workplace Mentor role both easier and more effective. Whether the support is provider or employer-led, our partnership can provide the tools, resources and common language both mentor and apprentice need to succeed.

04. Content rooted in character and competence

At FranklinCovey, enabling an effective understanding of the self and how we impact others is at the forefront of everything we do. Our content, designed to resonate across generations and professions, is rooted in human principles that endure. The more change and challenge there is, the more relevant our content becomes.

05. Bite-size performance support

Like a virtual mentor, Jhana helps build leadership and individual contributor skills over time, delivering practical tips and real-world advice  straight to your learners inboxes, for a digestible boost on a range of skills during their already jampacked days. Jhana also acts as an always accessible resource portal for mentors and assessors, with  a robust library of nearly 2,000 rigorously vetted videos, articles, and tools.    

06. OFSTED support

In making the judgements about a provider’s overall effectiveness, inspectors will make graded judgements on the following areas using the four-point scale:


At FranklinCovey we are uniquely positioned to support providers in addressing the Personal Development Requirements of OFSTED, under both the Education Inspection Framework the Further Education and Skills Inspection Handbook.

Ofsted has found there remains “too much focus on the completion of qualification units, with insufficient focus on developing apprentices’ workplace or wider skills”

What does our content aligned to a Standard look like?

Our broad range of over 30 solutions to real people and performance problems currently adds value to standards run in a multitude of industries such as Leadership and Management, Hospitality, Sales Performance, Finance, Engineering and Customer Service. Here are a few top-level examples of it works.

Click here to for more examples across a variety of standards

“Our powerful partnership with FranklinCovey allows us to use and embed their world-class content into our apprenticeship programmes, creating an exceptional experience for our clients and their learners.”

Jane Henaughan, Commercial Director – Learnmore

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